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Build your Collection

Collect 400 digital cards featuring all your favourite B.B.s

Play the Game

Dance-off against B.B. challengers and earn daily rewards

Trade Cards

Sell your swaps in the marketplace, or buy the cards you need

Collect NFT Art

Fill your gallery with limited edition L.O.L. Surprise NFT Art

Scan QR codes to unlock rewards Scan QR codes to unlock rewards

Scan QR codes to unlock rewards Scan QR codes to unlock rewards


Safe for Little Divas Safe for Little Divas

Let your kids play worry-free in this safe and secure environment

No children's data stored

Secure kid's login with only a password and pre-generated username, used to save progress. No kid's personal information will be requested or stored.

No-chat gameplay

Kids are not able to communicate with each other anywhere on the site.

Locked payment portal

Real-money transactions can't be made without confirmation from a parent or guardian.

Blockchain-powered privacy

The collectable NFTs are safely stored on a secure blockchain.

100% secure network

L.O.L. Surprise Dance Off! is exclusively for L.O.L. content. Kids can't access other games or content from their dashboard.